What To Do When Death Occurs

Through difficult moments and the days after loss, we’re here to help.

Your mind is spinning in a million different directions right now.  That’s why we want to make it easy for you by answering your questions, making the process as simple and straightforward as possible, and educating you on what needs to be done in these situations.

Remember, you are never alone. You can always reach out with questions at any time.

1. Notify the right people

Is the deceased at home or work, or are they under supervised care?

At home or work:

  • Call emergency personnel, 911
  •  Call Green Hills Mortuary

Please remember, you can always call us at Green Hills Mortuary & Memorial Chapel FD1175 if you are unsure.

Under supervised care of a physician:

  • Call the Green Hills Mortuary, this support is 24 hours a day.

The staff will bring your loved one into our professional care and then talk to you to you in order to process pertinent information and create a way to honor your loved one.  Our professional team can assist your family with planning a special funeral, memorial ceremony or our coastline memorials for scattering cremated remains. Please keep in mind the legal Next of Kin will be needed.

2. Widen the circle

  • Begin discussing arrangements with the Green Hills Mortuary
  • Complete our Pre-Arrangment registration to help the process
  • Complete our Photo envelope to enhance the ceremonies you choose
  • Prepare personalized items that we can display at the visitation and funeral

3. Answer any key questions about arrangements

Was there a pre-plan in place? If so, your loved one has taken care of all the details and just wishes for you to celebrate their life.  If the death is more sudden or a plan is not in place, don’t worry, there are just a few key steps for you to take care of:

  • Determine after-life choices
    • Will any family want to spend time with your loved one in an open casket setting, private/public?
    • Do you need religious support before the ceremony?
    • Do you need to make cemetery arrangements?
  • Choose the type of service
    • Do you have clergy that can perform a special ceremony?  Green Hills Mortuary does if you don't have someone.
    • What type of service do you want to have? Traditional, Religious, personalized to share a life story and celebratory moments
  • Contact Green Hills Mortuary for help

Please remember you don’t need to know all the answers - that’s why we’re here, to walk you through anything at all, at any time.

4. Talk to the Mortuary

We will walk you through any choices that need to be made and will let you know what you need to bring with you.

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