Funeral Etiquette

Let us guide you through the ins and outs of your funeral experience.

Attending a service at Green Hills Mortuary & Memorial Chapel

A funeral carries multiple purposes:  One is to remember that person the way we knew them in life.  Secondly is to say good bye to their physical presence that no longer will be apart of our lives.  Third is to provide healing moments by honoring a loved one through special ceremonies.

                                                                      Your support matters


  • Watch over children to ensure their safety, keep them close by you to respect others saying goodbye to a loved one.  Don't feel uncomfortable to exist and reenter a service if you child needs to go outside for a few minutes.
  • Arrive early. Funerals start on time, so arriving 15-20 minutes early is important. This accommodates time for parking, greetings, signing the register book and being seated before the ceremony starts.
  •  Express your sympathy.  It can be difficult to find the words to comfort those who are suffering a loss. Think of supportive phrase to share with survivors, share a memory, ask caring questions.  This is a crucial parts of the healing process.
  • Laugh out loud and cry.  Funerals are safe zone where family and friends are there to support someone that is grieving.  Laughing and crying are appropriate ways of sharing feelings.  Visitations and funerals are not time to hold back feelings.  
  • Be respectful by keeping quiet around visitors who wish to reflect.
  • Follow the cemetery guidelines.


  • Don's skip the funeral.  Even if you didn't know the person who died directly.  Your presence at the funeral is more important than you know.
  • Stay longer than you want to. It’s all about what you’re comfortable doing, don’t feel that you need to linger if you’ve celebrated your loved one in a way that feels right to you.
  • Be afraid to laugh and share happy memories and stories. Laughter and telling happy stories can be the best medicine on the road to healing.
  • Feel that you need to look at the deceased. If this is something you’re not comfortable doing, there is no need to do so. A service is about your comfort level and your desire to celebrate the person in a way most meaningful to you.
  • Let your children be too loud and disturb others. As always, respect others and practice awareness. Do not let your children leave your side.
  • Leave your cell phone ringer on. No one needs that additional noise when they’re trying to reflect.
  • Be afraid to make a mistake or do something wrong. You are doing something right just by coming and caring.

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